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1. Connect your MIDI keyboard to your computer.

2. Pick a song. Use Free Songs + More, or upload your own MIDI file here.

3. Play the same note(s) on your keyboard that you see highlighted on the screen. The right-hand notes are in red, and the left-hand notes are in blue. At your own pace, continue playing the newly highlighted note(s) until you reach the end of the song.

Quick Tip: Accelerate your learning by mastering each hand individually before combining them using the hand selector tool.

Access Tutorials & Tips here to learn how to enhance your playing experience.

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Compatible with any MIDI keyboard no proprietary hardware needed.

Upload any 3 MIDI files to learn for FREE every month without a user account.

Watch, listen and learn to play any song note by note without any music theory required.

Enjoy FREE Songs + More every month without a user account.

Get immediate feedback with simple, realtime scoring for note accuracy.

Works in any Google Chrome browser with no software to download.

Studio recorded real piano sounds you won't find anywhere else.

Key velocity sensitive dynamics producing quiet to loud sounds.

Designed to work with any sustain pedal for a natural sound and feel.

Upload your own audio file to make the piano sound like anything you want.

Simply use it as an instrument to play quietly with headphones or speakers.

Enable loop mode to practice any section of the music.

Carefully tested and developed with real music students.

Made for everyone, regardless of age, musical goals, or skill level.

Designed with care by an expert pianist/music educator and an audio/music software specialist.

Upgrade your account to be able to play any full song, upload unlimited MIDI files, and access more sounds starting at $5.58/month!


What is a MIDI file and why should I upload one?
A MIDI file can contain any number of tracks. Each track represents the notes of virtual or real instruments, like pianos, guitars, drums, or synthesizers. There may be different instrument tracks for various parts of the music. Play Piano allows you to de-select tracks that represents sounds or instruments in a song you do not wish to play.

Where can I find MIDI files?
MIDI files are widely available only, often for FREE, and have been the standard for representing the note information of songs for more than 40 years. Play Piano allows you to upload and play any MIDI file — a powerful learning tool!

What is a MIDI keyboard?
A MIDI keyboard, also known as a MIDI controller keyboard, is a musical instrument that is used to create and control music digitally. MIDI allows electronic musical instruments, computers, and other devices to communicate with each other.

A MIDI keyboard typically resembles a traditional piano keyboard, with a set of keys that can be pressed to trigger musical notes. However, unlike a traditional piano, a MIDI keyboard does not produce sound on its own. Instead, it sends a series of digital messages to a computer or other MIDI-compatible device, which then generates the sound. These messages include information about which note was played, how hard it was struck (velocity).

Play Piano allows users to connect and use any MIDI keyboard with our platform.

Which MIDI keyboard should I use?
MIDI keyboards are widely available, even at inexpensive price points. Differentiating factors typically include the number of keys, and how "real" the keys feel when played. While they can come with as few as 25 keys, we typically recommend purchasing a keyboard with at least 49 keys (4 octaves) or more. Our platform has been designed to work with all MIDI keyboards.

Nifty Keyboard Shortcuts

spacebar — play/pause audio playback
s — stop playback
— zoom keyboard in/out
— seek progress bar back/forwards
— increase/decrease tempo (BPM)
k — show/hide piano key names
h — show/hide piano
r — reset score
m — mute/unmute piano
l — loop mode on/off
t — show/hide MIDI track select box
a — show/hide advanced settings
x — show/hide key shadows
z — show/hide keyboard zoom controls
f — toggle fullscreen mode (experimental)

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Upgrade your account to be able to play any full song, upload unlimited MIDI files, and access more sounds!

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